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Is this your first game ? If it is it is nice but I do not understand what it has to do with gmtk jam theme this year.

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You only have one life and you only have one scene :) Thanks for checking it out!

Woah, you made this in 9 hours? Dang,



bad about myself now because my "only one" game sucks

Drawings are nice and gameplay feels really good.

Hey. Good work. My advice: You still have 20 hours until the jam finishes. Continue it, improve it, give it a twist (so it doesn't get boring after 100 points). Give it an ending.  Maybe enemies can go faster and faster, or more enemies, coming from the down edge...  It's just an advice. :) 

Just quickly updated it, I made them spawn faster and faster with time! :) Thanks for the feedback!

Pretty fun. Seems reminiscent of past games we've seen throughout the decades, I think it needs a bit more complexity to set the idea apart.